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Daisy Louise Hand Made Jewellery  

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Ring made from a recycled  sterling silver tea spoon

A collection of beautiful and quirky hand made jewellery, made from unusual recycled items, such as Watch/Clock Parts , Coins & Cutlery

Cutlery jewellery is my favourite, I love the heritage and meaning of these pieces.

Spoon rings where first made in the 1600’s As wedding rings by servants who could not afford precious metals Spoons would be stolen from their master and would be made into a wedding ring Servants who where caught would be sentenced for stealing a silver spoon This expression of love would be punished with imprisonment Today spoon rings still represent the meaning of love and are a wonderful piece of heritage not forgotten.

Ring made from a recycled  sterling silver tea spoon

If you see a piece of jewellery which you like, but is the wrong size to what you would like please email me - most of my jewellery can be custom made at no extra cost. All Items of jewellery arrive to you in a beautiful organza gift pouch. All sterling silver pieces arrive boxed.


This bracelet is made from a re loved lucky six pence, you can also choose a year from 1947-1967 (except 52)